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Why and How to Drink More Water.

>>Drink More Water for Better Health << How much water did you drink today? Probably not enough. It’s 1 pm and I already drank 2 liters (67 oz) of water and will reach my goal and the official recommendation of 3.7 liters (125 oz) for men who exercise with...

Getting healthy: One thing you should definitely do every day.

>> Do the easy things consistently << Have you ever thought about what the best thing for getting healthy would be? Look no further, you’ll know about it at the end of this article. When it comes to health most people start to overcomplicate things. They...

How slowing down your life will make you healthier & happier

>> Fast living will ruin your life<< 10 minutes reading time? tl;dr. The website loads 5 seconds? Close it. Your cell phone takes more than one second to load an app? Get a new one. You might think everything around you is too slow, but in reality, your...

How to spend the one hour before going to bed without a screen.

>> 16 ways for having one “screen-free” hour in the evening << Have you tried this? Turning off your electronics one hour before going to bed? In one of my last articles I wrote about how good turning off your electronics one hour before bed actually is. I...

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