Free Health Hack #3: Drink a glass of water after waking up.

Water is essential to well-being, but many people have problems with drinking enough water during the day.

There is probably no size-fits-all solution, but there are a few numbers you can take as guidelines. Most official recommendations range from around 2-2.5 liters (65- 85oz) for women and 3-3.5 liters (100-120oz) for men.

The other two recommendations I know are 1 oz. of water for 1lb. of body mass or 1 liter of water for 20kg of body mass, which is going into the same direction.

At the end, it is different for each one of you, but you can use those recommendations as an orientation.

Water has many beneficial effects on your body, as it helps your body stay hydrated, flushes out toxins and vitalises & balances your muscles, hormones and other parts of your body. It even might contribute to weight loss.

Besides those physiological health benefits, drinking enough water can also lift your mood and makes you feel energized and refreshed. Studies also found out that dehydration decreases your ability to focus, your attention span and your memory.

There are many more benefits, but I guess you get the gist of it: water is really good for you. Besides that you are likely to have access to it and it’s free or very cheap.

One of my favorite strategies for making sure you drink enough water is putting a glass of water on the nightstand and drinking it immediately after waking up. This will give you a head start, when it comes to increasing your water intake.

It will also restore the fluids you lost during the night, mostly because you exhale water vapor. (Did you ever wake up with a dry nose or mouth? You might want to check the humidity of your bedroom. It should be 40-60%).

Although this is a personal experience, but drinking water first thing in the morning, makes me feel awake and energetic. Try it for yourself. I usually recommend this to anybody, but most people feel disgusted by the thought of drinking water that early.

I agree, at the beginning it’s quite hard to get used to it, but once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll see the amazing benefits of this simple habit.

Another great thing to do is to place a full glass of water on your working desk and continuously drink from it. Every time it’s empty, take a short break and immediately refill it.

Besides that. You probably know how studies found out that eating from smaller plates will reduce your intake of food, right?

You can do the same thing with water. Just get a bigger glass and you’re likely to drink more, without much effort. Our body likes to think in units and it doesn’t matter if a unit it half a liter (17oz) or quarter of a liter (8.5oz), your body sees it as the unit “one glass”.
Take advantage of this and drink more water.

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