Free Health Hack #1: Drink your coffee without sugar.

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Although it is high in caffeine, which can also be addictive, studies found out that coffee has many health benefits.

Besides that, one of the worst ingredients for your coffee is the sugar you put into it. Sugar has absolutely no nutrients and is one of the worst additions to our diet there is.

Not only is it connected with obesity and diabetes, but many other serious diseases. It can also rot your teeth away and can be toxic to your whole body.

Although the amount of sugar in your coffee doesn’t seem like much, trust me, it adds up over time. I’ve calculated this below.

Let’s check this simple calculation: Two cups of coffee per day (which is approximately the average, although since there are many people that don’t drink any coffee the number will be higher for the coffee drinkers), with one teaspoon of sugar.

One teaspoon equals 4 grams of sugar, equals 8 grams of sugar per day, equals 240 grams of sugar per month and approximately 2880 grams of sugar per year. Almost 2.9 Kilograms, or 6.17 lbs of sugar per year.

In 2015 the WHO suggested that reducing sugar intake to 25 grams (~6 teaspoons) per day will be beneficial for the health. Drinking your coffee without the sugar is one step towards this goal. (I know most sugars we consume are hidden in processed foods, but drinking coffee without the sugar will still be beneficial).

The problem with the sugar in your coffee is that it makes coffee taste much better, especially if the coffee is low-quality. If you don’t like coffee without the sugar and just drink it out of habit, you might profit from eliminating coffee altogether

If you like the kick that caffeine gives you, changing to green or black tea might be a valid option for you. Especially green tea has many health benefits, when 3-4 cups are consumed on a daily basis. The caffeine content is also much lower than that in coffee.

If you still want to drink coffee, you can also think about using stevia as a sweetener. If you are courageous you could also try butter in your coffee (or the “real BulletProof Coffee“, created by Dave Asprey), although I’m personally not 100% sure on the effects on your health. 

Drinking your coffee without sugar might seem like an unimportant step towards your health because it is so small, but that’s the magic of it. Do the small things consistently and you’ll get healthy.

As it is a relatively small step you are more likely to continue doing it, no matter what. If I told you to quit coffee altogether, that might be more radical for many people, so they won’t stick with it over the long run.

As with many steps and improvements for your health, the benefits won’t be visible immediately, which makes it even more important to stick with those changes over the long run.

Reduce the sugar in your coffee and go for high-quality coffee. If you don’t like it switch to green or black tea or any herbal tea you might like.

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