The easiest salad you’ll ever make… no cutting required

A couple of months ago I wrote an article about how to eat leafy greens every day. While I still think it’s a valuable guide it requires some preparation to make those salads every day. Although, to be honest, it isn’t too much work!

You take the lettuce, pick it apart, put it in the wash basin, leave it there for a few minutes, swirl it around, dry it and cut it. All in all this takes a couple of minutes, most of which you can spend on something else, while the greens are in the sink.

Additionally, a salad is very nutritious, but once you cut it and don’t consume it, the leafy greens will lose some of their nutritious compounds. Also, if your fridge doesn’t have a lot of space to keep a big bowl full of washed leafy greens or even a whole head of lettuce, you have to prepare them everyday.

Some might argue it’s still too much work, so a couple of days ago I rediscovered something that will make this process easier. No it’s not some magical appliance that washes and cuts the salad altogether (although that would be very cool).

It’s simply another type of lettuce called corn salad or mache or lamb’s lettuce. You probably know it, but here’s a picture of it anyway.

The beauty of it? It already grows in bite-sized pieces you don’t need to cut it. Guys, it doesn’t get more simple than this.

And while in Germany, local corn salad is only available for several months, it’s still enough to get started on eating a salad every day. The easiest way possible.

You might think that’s all great and fine, but what about the rest of the salad? Glad you ask. One of my favorite salads contains only for ingredients.

The leafy greens.Tomatoes. Mozzarella. And a dressing. 

Here’s the thing, thanks to modern technology, industrialization and advancements in agriculture you can get all of those ingredients in such a small form that you don’t need to cut any of them.

Here’s a picture of what I use for this salad.

Corn salad, as you already seen above.

Cherry tomatoes. They are pretty small, but nowadays you can get them in all shapes and sizes.

Mozzarella Buffala di Campana. Now this is not a requirement. I recently discovered these mozzarella  balls and because I like them more than regular mozzarella balls those are my first option. It tastes creamier and a bit more sour than regular mozzarella. Those come from Italy and I think they even have a protected name, so they can only produce those in a very specific region in Italy.

Regular mozzarella balls will do just fine. They also come in all shapes and sizes, so get the ones you like best.

And finally the dressing. Usually I go for something simple like oil, vinegar and yogurt or honey. Just mix them together and voila. (If you have a really good Balsamic vinegar, usually one that aged for 6 or more years, you don’t even need anything else in my opinion. They are a bit more expensive, but I highly recommend you try it once. The texture is thicker and it has less acidity which makes it sweeter.

(For this one I used, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, yogurt and some honey.)

Here’s a step-by-step guide, how I prepare this salad, assuming you have all the ingredients at hand.

Step 1: Fill the sink with enough water.

Step 2: Throw in the corn salad and the tomatoes. (Don’t weigh them, just go with your gut feeling). In this case, more is always better!).

Step 3: While the salad and tomatoes are in the sink, mix the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and yogurt (or whatever you choose to use). Again, don’t measure, just mix them together in a cup and taste it. (Hint: if you are using a regular balsamic vinegar, take less at the beginning, otherwise it will taste very sour).

Step 4: Get the corn salad and the tomatoes out of the sink and dry them a bit. Now throw them in a big bowl. (Hint: use a big bowl, so nothing spills over.)

Step 5: Open the mozzarella and throw them in there as well. Get rid of the liquid if there is any in the package.

Step 6: Pour the dressing above everything and mix it together.

Step 7: Enjoy!

(Of course, everything fell to the bottom…)

I really hope you try it and realize that it’s one of the easiest and healthiest recipes you’ll ever create.

Now, please, don’t come up with any excuses (“But I like my tomatoes in half”) and start doing. You won’t get healthy by coming up with excuses.

Make this easy salad and enjoy it!

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