I had to get this in here, although everybody knows this already. Fast food is probably the worst thing you can eat if you want to be healthy.

Hundreds of studies, documentations, even books have been written on the topic and it seems to work. 2015 was the first year McDonalds, the King of fast food restaurants closed more branches than they opened.

I haven’t been eating at McDonalds (or any other fast food chain) for over two years now and they last time was late night eating after a party. I don’t miss it. A few months ago one of my friends got some fries at McDonalds and I tasted one bite. Disgusting.

Sometimes when I think back at the times when I ate there more often, I miss the taste of the cheeseburger, because it had something addictive, but nowadays I’m on my own mission to create the “perfect burger”.

Besides that, fast food is really bad for you. Here are some facts about it.

  • Regularly eating fast food doubles your risk for insulin resistance, which increases your risk for diabetes type 2 as a study in Berkley in 2009 found out.
  • Living near a fast food restaurant increases your chance of being obese by 5.2 percent
  • Areas with a higher density of fast food places are also 2.6 times more likely to have high levels of cases of CVD.

Fast food basically contains all the substances that are bad for you: tons of sodium, trans-fats, sugar and lots of empty calories. 

One big wake-up call for many people was the movie “Supersize Me”, where Morgan Spurlock ate fast food for 30 consecutive days.

The results were shocking. He gained several pounds, was depressive and his blood work was terrible. A few days before day 30 he got tested and his doctor told him something like “If you continue this you might as well die” (although he said in the beginning, that there won’t be many effects on his health).

There has been a critique since some other people managed to lose weight, while still eating at McDonalds.

Despite all that, fast food, according to most researchers, will not benefit your health. Additionally fast food is addictive, especially when consumed in younger ages.

There is a great talk by Michael Pollan, a food journalist who says that you can eat fast food as much as you want, but you have to make it yourself.

He uses fries as examples and explains how much work they usually require, so most people will not eat them every day. With places like McDonalds or Burger King, it’s really easy to eat fries every day.

Fast food will also decrease the variety of foods you eat since most items on their menu contain the same ingredients: wheat, meat, sugar, salt, corn. In different forms of course.

According to newer research on gut microbes, eating fast food will kill microbes that actually protect you from obesity and diseases like cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

I know it can be quite difficult to stop eating fast food, but once you did it for a few days or weeks, you won’t miss it at all.

If you want to consume fries or burgers it’s best to make them yourself.

Steps to take: 

  • If you are a regular fast food eater, try to stop for the next 3 days.
  • On the fourth day, make your own burgers or eat them in a good restaurant.
  • Mark the streak in your calendar and don’t break the chain.


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