I know very few people that regularly steam their food. I don’t do it that often, but I try as often as possible. Usually once a week I steam fish or vegetables and it tastes delicious.

Another benefit is that it is really easy and doesn’t take much time to steam your food, you just need the proper pot, but you might already have one without noticing it. There are also appliances that can be put into any pot available.

Steaming your food is not only easy and delicious it’s also really healthy. 

First of all, there is basically no nutrient loss with steaming. When (over-)cooking vegetables most of the nutrients and vitamins are leached out into the water, with steaming this can’t happen, because the food doesn’t touch the water.

Secondly, when steaming you avoid high temperatures that lead to the development of AGEs. AGEs are advanced glycation end-products, that are formed when grilling, frying or broiling food at high temperatures.

They are also produced by sterilization and pasteurization, which is why they are present in processed foods as well.

Especially the burned or really dark parts of the meat contain AGEs.

AGEs have been linked to inflammation, skin aging, diabetes, cancer, obesity and other diseases. 

Unfortunately, AGEs often create tastes or smells we love, that’s why it’s so hard to stay away from them. (Who doesn’t like grilled meat or a BBQ?)

I don’t say that you can’t have grilled meat ever again, but if you eat too much grilled, fried or broiled food your body’s capabilities of removing AGE’s from your system will be overloaded.

Besides that, there are a few other available options to prepare your food.

Boiling or poaching are good alternatives but don’t overcook your food.

Eating raw vegetables is a good way to go as well.

Another problem regarding AGEs is that the general public isn’t that much aware of the issue and there is currently no routine test available to check for the concentration of AGEs in your body.

Instead of eating only fried and grilled food, steam or cook your food once in a while and get healthier along the way.

Steps to take: 

  • Get a pot you can steam your food in.
  • Steam your vegetables once a week.


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