Reading through these ideas you will learn how food marketers trick you into eating junk food. They are using the package or advertisements to make you think their food is beneficial. Well, it isn’t.

The good news is you can use the same tricks they use and implement them to eat healthier.

You could use smaller plates for example, to reduce the amount of food you eat.  Studies show that using 10 inch instead of 12 inch plates reduce the calories consumed around 20%.

When analyzing the behavior of moviegoers, researchers found out that people ate 45% more popcorn if they got it in an extra large container. Even when it got to stale old popcorn, those with the extra large container still at 34% more stale popcorn than the ones with the fresh popcorn in the large container.

The major advantage of this hack is that it doesn’t take any willpower to execute. It’s your preset environment that’s taking care of your health.

This will also more likely prevent you from overeating. You don’t overeat you say and you know when you are full? Maybe, but probably not.

Another study found out that we don’t really know when we are full. The brought in 60 people and gave them a free 22 inch bowl of soup. One half got a regular bowl of soup, the other half got a bowl of soup that was pressure fed under the table.

The results? Those who were pressure fed ate 73% (yes, seventy-three percent) more. When they were asked about it, they didn’t even notice.

Using smaller bowls and plates can limit overeating. 

Another important factor is the color of your plates. In experiments people who ate pasta with white sauce on a white plate ate 30% more than people who ate the pasta on a red plate. Concluding that eating foods from a contrasting plate decreased the amount eaten. 

Since most of the plates we own are white, it favors all the white foods: paste, bread, pastries, etc.

Many white foods are among the least healthy foods there are.

The bottom line is: you already have enough going on in your live and I can understand that you don’t want to track everything you eat. For some of you that might be necessary, but basically all of you should make these environmental changes, that are likely to make you healthier.

Steps to take:

  • Choose the small popcorn when going to the movies. If you want, you can get a second serving.
  • If you have smaller plates use them for eating. Donate the bigger ones.
  • If you can, don’t use white plates, but red or green ones since it can lead to an increased vegetables consumption.


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