Cooking is great. I love it, not all of the time, but 99% of the time. Unfortunately, cooking is also dying out, at least cooking at home is. Corporations are now cooking for us.

Processed foods and fast food meals are taking over, with many negative consequences and basically, all of them are based on the assumption that food is a commodity and price are the most important factors for it.

Letting price be the major driving force for our food production has led us to where we are today: soaring rates of obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and plenty of other civilization diseases. 

Cooking is one skill that can counteract this epidemic. Some studies even suggest that cooking is the “main ingredient” for a healthier diet. They found out that those people who cook most of their meals at home consume less sugar, carbohydrates and unhealthy fats.

People who cook also consume fewer calories on average per meal than those who eat out more often.

So why don’t we start to cook more? I guess, because the benefits, as with any health habits are very intangible and will take the time to develop. It will take time for your meals to taste really good in case you’ve never been cooking before.

It will also take time to see your health improve for example through weight loss or more energy.

Additionally cooking takes time and we’re not used to that. We used to get a ready meal within minutes. We often don’t care if it’s high quality as long as it tastes good (thank you flavour enhancers!).

But cooking has many other benefits than just making your food healthier. While cooking you’re often moving around in the kitchen cutting vegetables or putting food into a pot. Every minute you spend like this is a minute you won’t spend sitting down. The average person sits 9.3 hours per day, so every minute where you are not sitting is a win.

Cooking can also bring people together. You can cook together with your spouse or with friends. When was the last time you had dinner with your friends, having a real conversation, not sitting in front of your computer watching some random youtube video.

Cooking is one of the most important skills you can possess, but we often don’t realize this anymore in our digital economy. With cooking, you can create something out of nothing.

Start small, cook one meal this week. Choose something easy, it will only take 10 minutes if you choose to make scrambled eggs or something like that, but the result will be amazing.

Steps to take:

  • Find the recipe for your favourite (easy) dish online.
  • Get the ingredient and cook it.


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