If you want to eat healthy the first advice I would give you is to get rid of your junk food in your home. Many health authorities will tell you the same.

If you don’t have it you can’t eat it.

The environment you surround yourself with has much more impact on you than you think. Regarding your sleep, your nutrition, your exercise even your productivity.

If you rely on your willpower to resist that junk food you will fail. Trust me, I speak from experience. Over Christmas some chocolate and cookies and other stuff got into my apartment and even though I’m usually eating very healthy, I ate it anyway.

If it’s close to you, you can’t resist it unless you don’t use your willpower for anything else.

Many people consider throwing away junk food as a waste of money. It’s not. You already bought the crap, so the costs are sunk costs and shouldn’t impact your decision.

Some people give chocolate or other stuff as presents to friends. It’s a great excuse to “buy junk food for friends”, but what you are saying is that their health is less important than yours. Research even shows that we buy less junk food for ourselves than for our friends.

If everybody acts like that, those good intentions for yourself won’t work, since you will be eating junk food at your friends party.

Think about it: When was the last time you went to a social event or a birthday where there were healthy food options? Maybe once or twice, but usually, we do the same.

We order pizza, hand out salty & sugary snacks and just assume that others like to eat unhealthy.

If you are not sure if your friends would prefer healthy foods, ask them. If they are good friends they will be honest with and if they want to eat healthy as well, you can build some form of health alliance!

In my opinion, there are only two options for junk food you already have at home.

  1. Donate it, although I don’t like to give crappy food to anybody, but since I’m not sure if crappy food is worse then no food, I would consider this.
  2. Throw it away. This will also be a reminder to not buy junk food anymore.

I know all of this sounds easier as it is, but throwing away stuff is always difficult, mostly because we form some emotional connection with our stuff.

Don’t attach to junk food. Throw it away!

Steps to take:

  • Find the junk food in your home and throw it away or donate it.
  • When throwing a party, offer healthy snacks.


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