The average 4-year-old laughs 300 times a day. The average 40-year-old only 4 times.

Think about that for a second.

How many times did you laugh yesterday?Two times? Three times? Maybe ten or twenty, because you watched a funny movie? That’s about it. I was shocked when I thought about that.

Laughter is something incredibly powerful. It makes you feel good. It makes you healthy. It strengthens your social connections.

Laughing just feels good, especially if it’s not based on someone else’s expense.

But what are the actual health benefits of laughing?

For starters, it increases your blood flow through the vessels, as a study at the University of Maryland found out. Additionally, laughter might also decrease your blood sugar levels.

Laughter might also strengthen your immune system by increasing the flow of your lymphatic circulation, helping your lymph nodes to filter the fluid and remove harmful substances.

Laughing very often during the day, could also help you relax and sleep better.

Again, the problem with all those findings is that it’s not sure if laughter is the reason for the health benefits. It could be that people who laugh often are usually together with friend and family and this makes them healthier.

Nonetheless, that’s not a reason to NOT laugh, since laughing is free and for sure makes you feel good.

In Okinawa, Japan, one of the Blue Zones, there is a ritual among older women (80+), who meet in the morning and simply laugh together and all of them have a vibrant health.

So instead of meeting your friends for a cup of coffee and talk about the newest gossip or the newest drama in your life, meet them and simply laugh.

Today it should be really easy for us to laugh more often. While kids can laugh about anything and everything, most of us adults need a special form of humor and everybody is different in that way.

Using youtube or another video platform and look for funny videos or live performances of comedians you think are funny.

Even a video about a falling panda (poor panda) can do the trick!

Let go of your serious life once in awhile and simply laugh. You’ll notice, laughing is very contagious and soon nobody of the people laughing knew what you were actually laughing about. But, as a matter of fact, nobody will and nobody should care.

Another good way to increase your laughing is to spend time with kids. Whether your own or those of family or friends doesn’t matter. Watch them and see how often they are laughing.

Don’t prevent them from laughing by thinking or saying “This is silly”, “Stop it”, etc. Just go with it and have a good and healthy time.

Increase your laughter, increase your health.

Steps to take:

  • Watch this falling panda right now. I love panda’s but it’s just so funny.
  • Look up a funny joke and tell it to somebody.
  • Laugh more often!


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