Stress might be the cause of all evil. At least the way of how you deal with stress. I mentioned it already several times in this book. Stress, especially chronic stress is really bad for your health. It disrupts your hormones and keeps you in a constant fight or flight response, in which your blood pressure and sugar is increased which can be toxic to your cells.

Stressing yourself is also useless most of the time. Think about the moments in your life where you stressed yourself.

  • In the car when you got stuck in traffic
  • When something you’ve planned didn’t work out the way it was supposed to.

What happened afterwards. Did the world end? Probably not.

Nobody of us can be 100% stress-free. You can’t and I can’t and sometimes that’s good. But most of the time, when we look back at the events, we realize that all the stress was unnecessary.

Here are some other reasons you should stop your stress.

Stress was linked to several severe diseases, such as cancer, lung disease, heart disease and cirrhosis of the liver. Stress could also be responsible for obesity.

Besides that when your stress all the time, your muscles contract, for example, those in your jaw. This will lead soreness and it could also damage your teeth if you grind them at night.

Researchers also found out that stress shortens telomeres, which could make you look older.

Knowledge-base: Telomeres are structures at the end of your chromosomes, that protects your genetic data. These telomeres prevent your chromosomes from fraying and sticking together with would destroy the data. Each time a cell divides the telomeres get shorter. If they get too short, the cell is unable to divide and dies. This is associated with cancer, aging and death in general. 

Additionally, if your are stressed all the time, it’s more likely that you’ll get sick as stress can weaken your immune system.

In order to get rid of your stress or, at least, deal with it in a better way, there are multiple things you can do.

Meditation or any comparable practice, like Qi Gong, can help you get more calm. Other than that regular exercise, body weight exercises, for example, can also reduce your stress levels.

Acknowledging the fact that stress if often useless, can also help you to deal better with stress.

Dealing with stress the right way might be even more important than negating all stress as Kelly McGoingal in “The Upside of stress” mentions.

She mentions a study that found out that stress is only harmful to those who thought it is bad for their health. Besides that, she also wrote about, that a happy life is usually filled with stress, which she concludes as the stress paradox.

It means that stress is always a part of a happy life, which leads to the conclusion that a stress-free live can’t never be a happy one.

Don’t stress yourself over useless things and embrace stress rather than fear it.


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