Giving up on your health means giving up on your life. Period.

Your health and your body are the only things you “have” and can’t give away. Those are the only things that you have full power over. Yes, some people can’t control them due to an illness or some genetic problem, but in general, you can.

Despite how often you tried and failed, you should never give up on your health. 

Imagine child giving up on walking. That’s the same thing basically. Do you know how often little kids fall down when they start walking? They fall down every day, but every day they get back up and try again.

Even if you haven’t found the right way to get healthy, I promise you that there is a way for you. I also urge you to watch the video above, it’s incredibly powerful.

I don’t know who you are or where in life you currently are, but I really hope that reading this will give you some new hope on your health. I really hope it motivates you to get out there and do something for your health.

Each little step counts. Don’t let anybody tell you something different.

You could try this one exercise. Think about something that you failed several times but you didn’t give up on. Maybe it was a hobby you did or some form of sport. Maybe it was even building a business. Remember how it felt when you finally did it and didn’t let anything stop you.

That’s the same feeling you’ll have with your health although the effects will probably be more intense. Upgrading your health will have so many positive effects on your life, I don’t even know where I would start.

Never give up on your health.

Steps to take:

  • Watch this video, it’s really powerful.
  • Never give up on your health.

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