Due to the fact that most of us are probably addicted to those little screens, I wanted to draw more attention to this specific point.

You probably spend at least a few days per week in front of any screen in the evening. Computer, TV, tablet, phone, ebook reader. The devices we own are everywhere and somehow we are addicted to them.

I’ve already mentioned how bad they are for your sleep and your health as a consequence.

Recently there is a minor trend to incorporate an ‘Amish Hour’ into your evening, where you turn off all electronics. People who did this reported not only better sleep but increased attention spans and focus.

There are many things you can do and I’ve written an entire blog post about this at dailyfoodfacts.com.

A few things are:

  • reading a physical book
  • having sex
  • taking a walk
  • playing a physical game
  • take a bath
  • Mediate

In case you don’t want to or simply can’t turn off your screens in the evening you should really install f.lux on your PC/Mac.

It’s a free software that reduces the amount of blue light emitted from your screen, based on your personal settings. It can also be adjusted to your coordinates, so it will automatically adjust your screen at sundown and sunrise.

If you have to do color sensitive work, i.e. photographers, I don’t recommend using f.lux as it will change the color of your screen. In that case, you should really turn off your screens on time.

Steps to take:

  • Go to www.getflux.com and download the version that suits you.
  • Install on your computer.
  • Enjoy better sleep.

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