In case you have a pet or multiple pets, it’s not unlikely that they sleep in your bed. 50% of the pets in the US sleep in the owner’s bed.

In case you react allergic to your pet this is an entirely different conversation and you should really think about getting the pet out of your bed.

In case you are not allergic, the only problem that may come up is that pets disrupt your sleep by moving around. I’ve had several clients that woke up during the night, because of the pet in their bed.

This problem basically solved itself as soon as the pet got its own bed. 

If your pet is moving or scratching all night and it wakes you up, you need to do something. Waking up during the night is really bad for your sleep quality and your health in general as several studies found out.

On the other hand, pets could also improve your sleep as their breathing could relax you for example. If there are no negative consequence, you can continue with keeping them in your bed, but if there are, you might thinking about generating those relaxing sounds with your Pc or a noise machine.

A study found out that people feel more relaxed or safe when pets sleep in their bed and that they like the feeling they have with their pets.

Unfortunately, the authors of the study also mentioned that many pet owners didn’t like to reveal any negative impact of the pets in the bed.

There is no general solution for this bed, but remember this: if your pets disrupt your sleep you should get them out of your bed. If they don’t, they can stay there if it makes your feel comfortable.

You have to be honest with yourself and shouldn’t dismiss any negative effects, just because you love your pet. If you sleep better, you’ll have more energy during the day to play with your pet as well.


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