You probably already read about the negative impact of screens, or more specific the light screen they emit, on your sleep. Room lights actually can have the same negative effects.

That’s why you should sleep in a completely dark room. There are not only lights within your room that might keep you awake, but also street lights shining through your window.

Although you might think that your sleep won’t be impacted by them, it is, as your eyes are still noticing the lights even if they are closed. The skin over your eyes is pretty thin and any lights can still affect them.

Any source of light, either within or without your room has the potential to worsen your sleep. So you should make an effort to sleep in a room that is pitch dark.

For getting rid of annoying outside lights, I’d recommend that you close your blinds completely, and in case you don’t have any blinds, get black out curtains. That’s a really good investment. Why’d you think that almost every hotel has blackout curtains? They want their guest to have a good night’s sleep.

In the case of lights in your room I’d recommend you either turn off all electronics in your room or even get them out of your bedroom. If you can’t turn them off, cover up any LED that is shining through the night.

It takes some time to get used to sleeping in a pitch black room, (it’s pitch black when you can’t see your hand in front of your eyes), but it will benefit your sleep.

Even if it feels weird at first, try it for a week or two and see if it has a positive impact on your sleep.

A great trick to make everything dark is to wear a sleep mask during sleep. It’s not a big investment and you don’t have to change anything in your room.

As an additional benefit you can also use the sleep mask during airplane flights.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to experiment with sleeping in total darkness and I promise you that your sleep will be better.

This is one of the easiest changes you can do and it will have a huge positive impact on the quality of your sleep.

Steps to take:

  • Turn off all light sources within your room, for example all the LEDs on your electronics.
  • Close the blinds completely. If you don’t have blinds, invest in blackout curtains.
  • Wear a sleep mask. I’m using the Sleepmaster sleep mask (affiliate link) and can really recommend it. You can also wear it when flying.


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