If you don’t live in a single room apartment, you usually have the luxury of having a separate BEDroom. That’s really great since it will benefit your sleep.

Even if you live in a single room apartment you should continue reading because there are things you can do that will benefit your sleep and your health as well.

Your bedroom, or, at least, your bed, are for sleeping and sex, nothing else. If you like to read before going to bed that is okay, but anything else is off limits.

Ideally, there shouldn’t be any electronics, no books or shelves and in general no unnecessary stuff in your bedroom. There should be a bed and maybe a nightstand and a lamp.

I know that this is idealizing, but studies also indicate that a cleaner bedroom will benefit your sleep. You have to experience this yourself, but in any case, you can only win. A cleaner bedroom will also free your mind of all the distractions that used to be there.

The worst thing you can do is have a computer or a TV in your bedroom. Anything that’s not related to sleep is a distraction for your sleep, either because it decreases the quality of your sleep or because it prevents you from getting to sleep.

If you live in a single room apartment you should keep everything out of your bed that it not related to sleep. Maybe even put something around your bed, to make it some form of special place within your room.

Treat it like a temple. If your body connects your bed with sleeping and nothing else it will be easier for you to get to bed at night and sleep through the night. 

Try it for yourself, clean out your bedroom today. Start with the big things, like unnecessary electronics and continue to the small things, like magazines or books.

Clean out your bedroom and clean out your mind and get better sleep.

Steps to take:

  • Clean your bed.
  • Declutter your bedroom.


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