The position we sleep in is hard to fix since we are mostly “unconscious” during our sleep. Despite that, there are still some things we can do about, but let’s start at the beginning.

Why are some sleeping positions, especially sleeping on the stomach so bad in the first place.

Sleeping on the stomach goes usually hand in hand with a distortion of your spine for the whole night. Since your body is flat, but your head is turned to either the right or the left side, your spine is distorted.

Sleeping on your stomach, according to the Mayo Clinic, poses a strain on your spine, especially on your neck.

Turning your head all night, unless you are able to breathe through your pillow, will put your head and your spine out of alignment.

Although it might seem impossible to switch the position you’re sleeping in, it can be done. Here are a few tips you might try.

  • use an orthopedic pillow that will adjust to your neck.
  • place a pillow between your legs to make sure you stay on your side.
  • try affirmations, that you will sleep on your side or back, before going to bed.

Sleeping with your face down can also put too much pressure on your jaw and lead to wrinkles in your face.

Changing your sleep position might be hard but worth the effort, especially if you are suffering from shoulder or back pain in the morning.

The best sleep position is probably sleeping on your back.


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