Water is essential, I’ve elaborated enough on this, but there another thing I like to mention. If your water is modified with chlorine, you should really think about getting a water filter of some kind and drink filtered water.

Knowledge-base: Chlorine is a strong chemical element and it is often used for bleaching products, i.e. paper, plastics or even food. (You know you can buy i.e. chlorine-free paper). It’s also commonly added to the water in swimming pools. Now the recommendation to shower afterwards makes, even more, sense, right?

Since I’m living in Germany and there is no chlorine added to the water, that’s not the main problem for me, but I do drink filtered water, to filter out any impurities or other chemicals.

I also drink unfiltered water from time to time, but most of the time I stick to filtered one.

Every time I visit the US I forget about the chlorine in the water and since I’m used to drinking tap water, I usually take a sip and realize it’s not the same.

But why is chlorine bad for you? Simple, according to several studies it can increase the risk of bladder cancer in both, men and women. That should already be enough to stay away from it.

Additionally, there might be a connection to colorectal cancer, but more studies are needed to confirm this link. Another concern should be about chlorination-by-products. Those compounds develop, when chlorine interacts with organic materials i.e. soil or leaves in untreated water.

Researchers suggest that these by-products are carcinogenic (cancer-causing), meaning they increased the risk of cancer.

Two of the most common chlorination by-products include trihalomethanes (THM) and haloacetic acids (HAA). Animal studies show that they are carcinogenic as well. 

Besides cancer causing effects of chlorinated water, it might also affect the microbes in your gut. As researchers are focusing more intensely on this subject, they realize that those microbes are more important to our health than we imagined.

Chlorinated water, as Dr. David Perlmutter in “Brain Maker” says, is disrupting your gut flora and as a consequence has negative effects on your health. 

The best recommendation is to get a household water filter. If you own your place you can install a filter for the whole house/apartment and if you are a renter, there are still many valid options.

Another major benefit of filtered water is that it tastes better than chlorine water.

The best way to go is to drink purified water. Distilled water is a form of purified water. Another common filtration method is using a carbon water filter, i.e. Britta.


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