Who doesn’t like to have sex? Maybe there are some people, but I think it’s the minority. Not only is sex a great thing to do, it is also really healthy for you.

There are so many benefits that I’m not sure I can include all of them, but I’ll just start.

First of all having sex will boost your immune system. Researchers found out that college students who were sexually active once or twice a week had higher levels or various antibodies than those who had less sex.

Of course, this is no free-ride-ticket to eat unhealthy and don’t exercise. You should do those things as well.

Having sex on a regular basis can also reduce your blood pressure as scientists found out. Besides that, it also counts as exercise, but of course, it won’t replace a real work out in the gym. Despite that having sex will not only exercise your heart as it increases your heart rate, it will also strengthen your muscles, depending on positions and length.

So make room on your calendar and get busy! Like exercise, consistency is key. Having sex on a regular basis will maximize the benefits.

As I said before, sex is exercise for your heart, strengthening it and reducing your risk for heart attacks. Additionally, it will also balance your estrogen and testosterone levels.

Knowledge-base: Estrogen and testosterone are sex hormones for women and men respectively. While estrogen is responsible for the growth of the woman’s sex organs and her breasts, it is also responsible for regulating her menstruation cycle. Testosterone (an androgen, the male sex hormones), which women also produce, but in much smaller doses,  on the other hand, is important for the sexual and reproductive development of men. It plays a role in sex drive, sperm production and all the characteristic of male puberty, like deepening of the voice and growth of facial and body hair as well as the penis. 

Another benefit, for men, is that sex could decrease the risk of prostate cancer. A study found out that men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month, had a decreased risk of prostate cancer, but, on the other hand, there are many influences on cancer. Though sex won’t hurt.

Speaking of hurt, sex, respectively orgasms can reduce or block pain. Stimulating an orgasm or having sex could lessen back and leg pain as researchers found out. Having sex also triggers oxytocin, which is really good for you, since it is one of your “happy chemicals”.

Knowledge-base: Oxytocin is a hormone that is build in the hypothalamus, a specific part of the brain. It is release when you are in social settings and especially when you are with people who you trust. Oxytocin can relieve stress and anxiety while also decreasing inflammation. All in all regular production of oxytocin will make you healthier. 

If you have trouble sleeping sex might be a great addition to your bedtime routine. Falling asleep more quickly after sex is caused by the release of the hormone called prolactin, which will promote a feeling of sleepiness and relaxation. 

While having trouble with your sleep is often caused by too much stress and also could lead to even more stress, sex could help with that as well. One of the reasons for that is the release of oxytocin as mentioned above.

Being close to a loved one or somebody you care about will also deepen the relationship with them. Have more sex and have less stress.

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