When was the last time you walked barefoot? Probably quite some time ago. I remember as a kid I was walking barefoot all the time. It was awesome.

I’m trying to do it today as well, but usually, it is really hard to do, besides when I’m at home. But there is a difference of walking barefoot inside or outside, i.e. on a meadow.

Surprisingly this simple technique could boost your health. It’s called ‘grounding’ and several studies have been conducted on this topic with interesting results. 

One study found out, that grounding people while they sleep, improves cortisol levels, sleep and reduces pain experienced during the night.

Knowledge base: Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is released in response to stress or low blood-glucose levels. It increases blood sugar levels and decreases the activity of the immune system. Experiencing it for longer periods of time is connected to getting sick.

Walking barefoot, at least outside over natural ground might have the same effect. Although this all sounds very spiritual there might be a scientific explanation for this.

The surface of the earth is populated with free electrons that are generated all the time. Since we are large made up of water, and water is a great conductor of electricity, we are one ourselves.

Studies have shown that this could build an “internal bioelectrical environment”, as the contact to earth can improve the functioning of all our body’s systems. 

Another health promoting effect might be that contact with the earth provides us with antioxidants, that can reduce the amount of damaging free radicals in our bodies.

Another great benefit of walking or even running barefoot doesn’t sound so spiritual but regards the muscles in your feet. When walking with shoes or even running shoes, your feet stay in one and the same position, often with being supported.

This way the muscles in your feet don’t get any exercise. When walking barefoot on the other hand your feet have to correct for any imperfections on the ground, to prevent you from falling over.

There are several benefits that this will bring. For starters, your balance will improve. Although this skill isn’t required that much in the modern world it’s still worth mentioning.

Additionally, your feet get stronger. This will make injuries at your feet more unlikely.

Your feet will also experience a better blood circulation and this often prevents them from getting cold.

Although most of the benefits of walking barefoot don’t sound very scientific, there are quite some studies that confirm the benefits of walking barefoot or staying grounded.

I guess this is a very subjective issue and even if it isn’t scientifically proven you should try it and see for yourself. I will do it as soon as it gets warmer outside, but I remember walking barefoot always made me happy and reduced my stress and anxiety, i.e. when I was walking on the beach during a vacation.

It’s a nice feeling to experience nature between your toes and it’s free.

Steps to take:

  • Go outside on a meadow or beach and put off your shoes.
  • Walk barefoot as often as you can.


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