I’ve mentioned coffee before, but now it’s time for another stimulant most of us consume on a regular basis: alcohol.

Drinking alcohol is most of the time quite stupid. It’s bad for your health, let’s you do (bad) things you normally wouldn’t do and makes the next day often feel like sh*t.

Nevertheless, we are drawn to it. As Michael Pollan described in “Botany of Desire” we have a desire for intoxication.

Drinking alcohol reasonably can lead to much fun and excitement, but often many people overdo it.

Another negative effect of alcohol today are that it often comes in the combination with sugar. Whether in cocktails, pre-mixed drinks or as syrups & liquors, it’s a hidden source of sugar.

Some people don’t realize this and don’t know why they are gaining weight until somebody tells them that their drink is a hidden calorie bomb.

Beer is also one of the most consumed beverages worldwide and there is usually one for everybody. I personally don’t like beer that much, although I’m from Germany and we are famous for our beer culture, but from time to time I enjoy one when sitting with friends in a “Biergarten”.

Unfortunately, beer also contains gluten, since it’s made from wheat, so if you’re allergic to gluten, you’d better stay away from it.

One of my favorite alcoholic beverages is wine. I love it for cooking and drinking a small glass of wine for dinner. It’s a very complex beverage and it takes some time to get used to it, but once you’ve got it the variety of tastes is incredible.

It’s also one of those alcoholic beverages that contain only natural ingredients. (Beer fulfills that requirement as well). Additionally, it’s not loaded with additional sugars, but rather natural sugar from the grapes while the sugar content also varies from wine to wine.

Although I’m not promoting alcohol in general, if I would recommend any of them it would definitely be wine (in moderation) or for cooking since the alcohol vaporizes and only the taste remains.

One major reason for this is that wine actually has health benefits. It can decrease your risk of colon and breast cancer while improving your heart health. 

Wine can also improve your bone & brain health and also improve your skin, by inhibiting the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

People in the Sardinian Blue Zone drink wine almost on a daily basis.

You can certainly live a healthy live without wine and I’m not sure how much benefit you’ll get from drinking wine if you are already living a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t want to stay away from alcohol in general and might enjoy the occasional glass, I’d recommended you try and go for wine and discover it for yourself.

Gary Vaynerchuck had a great class about wine on skillshare you can find it below. It should be free.

Steps to take: 

  • Check out Gary’s skillshare class.
  • Buy a good bottle of wine. Maybe start with white wine or a slightly sweeter wine.
  • Enjoy.


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