A good posture is a sign of health, but it gets harder every single day because most of our activities are done at a desk, while we sit and usually one-sided.

A good posture is also essential for your spine, which is strengthened by your back muscles and that alone should be enough motivation for training.

If you strain your spine unevenly can create back pain over time or even more serious conditions like a herniated disc for example.

Imagine your spine is a car with tires that are not aligned properly. The car will always pull to one side and over time, the tires on one side of the car are much more worn off.

Realigning your spine will not only improve your posture but also prevent back pain and the related consequences.

Make it a rule that when carrying weight, you always try to balance the weight equally, for examples by changing sides when only carrying one bag or using two lighter bags instead of one.

Carrying a backpack instead of a one-sided bag is also a good way to go. Additionally, you can also realign your posture when you are sitting down on your desk. You can try to change your hands when using the trackpad or the mouse of your computer.

Tom Rath described this in his book ‘Eat, Move, Sleep’ and he said that he placed a trackpad on each side of his screen, to use both hands. He also mentioned that he got rid of his wrist and shoulder pain by doing this.

If you suffer from back pain already and your spine might be a reason for that, you should search for a good chiropractor that will help you relieve your back pain and show you ways to keep yourself pain-free.

Aligning your spine and distributing weight equally will benefit you and prevent you from getting back pain or more serious conditions.

Steps to take:

  • When shopping always take two shopping bags instead of one.
  • Always fill a backpack equally.
  • Switch sides when only carrying one bag.


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