You’ve probably been a member of some sports time when you were a kid. So you know it can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, as adults, many of us don’t join a sports team, despite all of the positive effects it can have.

Joining a sports team as an adult is one of the best things you can do to get more exercise and movement into your day. Going to the gym is fine, but not every one of us is a weight- or powerlifter. Some of us just like to kick or throw a ball and the excitement of a game.

Playing sports is exercise, which is already built-in. That’s the great part of it. You don’t have to do full body workouts to get fit, just play the sport you love. Love soccer? Play soccer. Love Tennis? Play tennis! It’s as easy as that.

Think about it this way: your sports team is also your motivator. Your teammates depend on you to show up, so you’re less likely to make excuses for not showing up. When you are working out alone it’s easier to say: ”I’ll workout tomorrow!”.

Researchers even found out that seniors who joined a sports team live longer than their counterparts who are only exercising alone.

Joining a sports team could also increase your motivation to get fitter along the way. Playing for a longer period of time, you want to get better and thus want to exercise more. This will get you into a positive cycle of motivation.

An additional benefit is that you can often join a sports team with your friends or co-workers. This way you’ll get to spend more time with people you like or get to know your co-workers better. If nobody is up for joining it might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but it’s a great opportunity to meet new people as well. Active people that is!

Besides the obvious health benefits that joining a sports team can have, there are psychological and mental benefits as well.

By playing a team sport you’ll learn to work together in a group. You’ll learn to communicate, work together, set team goals, solve problems and overcome obstacles. All those are very valuable skills to have, whether in personal or in business life.

Another benefit is that you learn something about coaching and teaching. Usually, when you join a sports team you’ll have a coach and need to be teachable. If you’re a stubborn person that doesn’t listen to anybody, even if they have more experience, it’s unlikely that you will get very far.

This is very true in every aspect of your life: You need to be able to let go of your personal opinions and be able to learn from others.

There’s another great benefit you will appropriate when playing a competitive sport. You’ll learn to become resilient against losses and will realize that you can pick yourself up and move on. There is always something positive you can take away.

Joining a sports team can also result in increased discipline, which can be transferred to every other aspect of your life. Setting goals and doing the necessary work, will benefit you while playing sports as it will when doing business decisions.

Joining a sports team might be difficult or intimidating at first, but you’ll see the benefits rather sooner than later. Whether for your physical or mental health, or simply because you love playing a specific sport, joining a sports team is the way to go!


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