Check your nails, right now. Are they clean? If not, go clean them before you continue reading.


Unfortunately though there isn’t any scientific evidence for this, but it just makes sense. Your hands are probably the part of your body that has the most contact with other people or items.

Usually, you pick up foreign bacteria when you touch somebody else or touch the pole in the subway.

The general advice is to not touch your face at all before you get a chance to wash your hands. You’ll never know what kinds of germs you’d picked up. Getting them close to your mouth, nose or eyes can lead to infections. Don’t take this risk. 

Your nails are the spot on your hands where dirt easily gets accumulated and won’t be washed off when you cleaning your hands, without a brush.

Every time you get home or to a restaurant, your first instinct should be to look for a restroom and wash your hands, especially if you are planning on eating.

Using a nail brush, at least, when you are at home, will increase the cleanness of your hands, without much additional effort.

Nails are also on of the dirtiest spot on your body, so make sure to clean them regularly.

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