Free Health Hack #77: Sit on the toilet the better way.

Sitting on the toilet is something we are used to, no matter what. We usually do it every day and most of us not only once, but there might be a problem with it.

The way we sit on the toilet in western countries might have negative impacts on our health.

In the west, we usually sit on the toilet with our hips bent at a 90° angle, which causes a problem since it disrupts the natural passage of your intestines. See the picture below:


When sitting in this position your rectum is literally ‘sealed off’ and you can only complete your bowel movement with unnecessary energy exertion.

The worst case scenario is that you end up with hemorrhoids, irritated bowels or constipation.

The better and natural position is the 35° angle position. Did you ever watch children who can walk but still need a diaper when they need to do ‘their thing’? The squat down and stay at a 35° angle. This is the natural position where our bowel movement goes nice and easily. See the picture below.


In many eastern countries ‘toilets’ are simply a hole in the floor. Of course, they usually have a flush system as well, but you need to squat down to do your thing. There is also a handle on the wall, in case you lose your balance.

There is no arguing in the benefits of using a toilet, in comparison to previous times, when there were much more human waste products close to the cities, but you don’t need to change your toilet to benefit from the 35° angle sitting. 

By lifting your feet you can get your hip and legs in a 35° angle so your intestines are not disrupted.


Although you might think that this is crazy, be assured I was thinking the same when I first heard about this. We’ve been going to the bathroom for all our lives, so we can’t imagine changing anything with it.

Just because we’ve been doing something for all of your lives, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better and healthier way to do it. 

Just try it a few days and see how you feel. You don’t need to spend any money. Just use anything to elevate your feet will you are sitting on the toilet. It will feel really weird, but just see how you feel. This can be especially helpful if you are already suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above.


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