You probably use shampoo. Maybe you use it every day. But why? Why do you use shampoo? What happens when you stop using it?

Well, I tried. I stop using shampoo for more than 50 days. It sounds gross, I know, but the results were amazing. My hair was actually really good. It wasn’t oily, it wasn’t dry, it was just really good.

The problem is, you are used to using shampoo. You probably have been using it since you were a little child because your parents told you that you need to shampoo your hair. The problem is shampooing, especially doing it every day might not be good for your hair and for your health.

Most shampoos, especially the usual ‘over the counter, big brand’ ones, are really aggressive. I’ve talked to several hairdressers about this and the all told me the same. (Maybe they just wanted to sell their own products, but I read about the same thing online as well.)

Here’s how most shampoos basically work, simplified of course. Your hair, or better your scalp, produces natural oils so the hair doesn’t get dry and stays flexible. When you shampoo your hair it strips the hair of all natural oil and leaves it back very dry. That’s why your hair doesn’t feel oily afterwards.

The problem is that now your scalp produces, even more, oil to make up for the oil that the shampoo washed away. Your hair will get oily again and you are using, even more, shampoo. It’s a vicious cycle.

Another potential danger from shampoos is their ingredients. In the last few years, studies found out that many of the ingredients in shampoo (and other cosmetics) might be damaging the nervous system and could even cause cancer. One of those ingredients to watch out for are parabens and another one is cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA).

If you are using shampoo daily I would suggest you reduce it slowly. Your hair will take some time to adjust, but I guess a few weeks of bad hair is better than a lifetime of addicted to shampoo.

In most recent years the ‘no-poo’ movement is also growing. Those are people that don’t use any shampoo at all but try different natural substances to wash their hair, i.e. honey, apple cider vinegar. There are also natural substances to condition your hair, i.e egg yolks and avocado.

Although it sounds disgusting at first, for me, pouring a ton of unknown chemicals on my hair sounds more disgusting. The advertisers told us that shampoo is good and sadly we believed them.

Treating your hair with natural substances, or natural shampoos will make it and yourself healthier in the long run. Avoid those chemicals, since you don’t need them.

Since researchers are getting more interested in the human microbiome, basically all the microbes living in you, they are also getting more interested in the microbes on your skin. There are even products that are made up of ‘cleaning microbes’ you can use instead of soap and shampoo. Most of them are still in the trial phase, but individual test and experiences sound promising.

Steps to take:

  • Check the ingredients in your shampoo.
  • Get a natural shampoo.
  • Go “no-poo” and use honey or apple cider vinegar as a shampoo replacement.


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