Not using the same towels you use on your bum on your face just makes sense, doesn’t it? Your facial skin is much more sensitive than the rest of your skin and especially if you are prone to acne you should use a separate facial towel.

Even if you think you skin is clean after showering, there might be some spots you missed and then you are going to rub those bacteria that are specific to those areas of your body, i.e. arms, legs shoulders, in your face.

If you are using washcloths for your face there are some things you should watch out for. Either have enough washcloths on hand so you can use a new one everyday or wash them with a mild detergent after cleaning. 

Whether you are prone to acne or not, using a separate towel for your face will not only help your skin, but can also help you stay healthy in general, because you won’t transfer any foreign bacteria close to your face where they can lead to infections.

If you don’t want to wash 24/7 there’s a simple strategy you can implement. Use one side of your facial towel for a few days and afterwards just use the other side for the rest of the week. You can do the same thing with your body towel as well, so you don’t need to waste energy and time for washing your towels every other day.

Steps to take:

  • Decide if you want to use washcloths or towels for your face.
  • Place them next to your normal body towel.
  • Start using them.


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