I got this from the book “Missing Microbes”, were Dr. Martin Blaser is mainly talking about how antibiotics might do more harm than good. He also mentions that he is only using sanitizers during flu season.

The reason for this is that most of them contain “triclosan” a very aggressive anti-bacterial agent, which kills your own healthy bacteria on your skin. He’s recommending to only use soap, as it is enough to keep your hands clean.

Even the FDA and other health organizations have realized this quite some time ago.

In case you are using sanitizers on a regular basis, here are a few things that could maybe change your mind.

One of the main ingredients of these sanitizers is often “Triclosan” or “Triclocarban”, an aggressive chemical.

Knowledge-base: Triclosan is an aggressive chemical that is used in hygiene products, such as soap, sanitizers, deodorants, mouthwashes, but also several consumer products, such as kitchen utensils. Triclosan is easily absorbed by the skin and there are several negative health effects associated with it. First of all one study shows, that it’s responsible for weakening muscles, but not only the muscles in your arms or legs but also your heart muscle. The researchers even said that the effects on the heart were “really dramatic”. Besides that, triclosan was originally registered as a pesticide. Shocking right? I wouldn’t want to wash my hands or brush my teeth with any pesticide. Besides that, it is also was connected to the disruption of hormones in the body.

Sanitizers might also lead to a decreased immune system function of your children. Our immune system gets stronger when it’s exposed to pathogens, harmful bacteria. If your kids are constantly using sanitizers there is no exposure to any bacteria at all, which can be quite bad.

Other than that, studies also found out that triclosan might lead to antibiotic resistance of certain bacteria, impair muscle functions as well as cause hormonal disruption.

Another reason you don’t want to expose your children to triclosan is that some researchers see a connection between triclosan exposure and autism. The exposure to several environmental toxins can lead to a change in several genes that is connected to the formation of autism. Triclosan might be one of the main contributors to that.

Triclosan is also already everywhere and can have negative impacts on the environment and future generations. It is even found in breast milk of women who are exposed to it. This might lead to a destruction of the ecological balance.

As I already mentioned in the beginning, hand sanitizers don’t have any advantages over regular soap.

It’s also pretty easy to stay away from triclosan, as it is mentioned on the ingredient list of every product that contains it.

Get rid of all your triclosan-containing products and use regular soap. During the flu season you might go for hand sanitizers, but living a healthy life and developing a good immune system are much more important for not getting sick.

Steps to take:

  • Check the ingredients of your hygiene products for “triclosan” and get rid of them.
  • Use regular soap.


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