If you’re not smoking: congratulations. You’ve avoided one of the leading causes of death. Unfortunately, that in itself isn’t enough. Second-hand smoke or passive smoking can have the same negative effects on your health as smoking does.

Research confirms that non-smokers who are in close contact to a smoker, for example, a co-worker or spouse, have a 25% increased risk of lung cancer. This risk increases with the amount of second-hand smoke they are exposed to.

Besides lung cancer, passive smoking also could be responsible for other health problems, such as heart disease or asthma, especially in children.

In order to get the most out of your non-smoking habit, you should reduce your exposure to passive smoking in any way you can.

Don’t go to bars or restaurants where smoking is allowed and avoid public places where there is much smoking.

If any of your friends or even your spouse is smoking you might tell them to not smoking when they are around you or go outside. If they value your relationship they will do that for you.


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