Taking a cold shower is scary and the fear will probably never go away, but a cold shower has many positive effects on both your physiological and mental health.

First of all, taking a warm shower is a luxury, most of us are so used to it, that we rather see it as a given. Every one of us should be thankful to have warm water to shower with. That being said let’s take a look at the cold shower.

Naturally your body needs more energy when it’s cold. This applies to a cold shower as well. Here things are starting to get interesting.

You have two types of fat in your body, white fat and brown fat.

Knowledge base: White fat is the “bad fat” that stores calories and accumulates around your waist or thighs. Brown fat, on the other hand, is “good fat” because it generates heat and burns calories. Almost every human has brown fat. It decreases with age, obese people have less of it and it gets activated by spending time in a chilly room.

Cold showers may activate your brown fat to generate heat and burn calories, in the same way spending time in the cold does. Depending on the amount of brown fat you have, doing this might help you lose weight in the long run.

You know how professional athletes often take an ice bath after their workout? Even if you can’t do that (or don’t want to do that) you can achieve similar effects with a short cold shower. It will boost your recovery time.

Taking cold showers also increases your blood circulation and strengthens your immunity so you get sick less often.

Besides all those health benefits for your body, there are also some benefits for your mind. First of all, a cold shower will usually improve your mood and your alertness. Whether you are getting out of bed feeling groggy or still a bit tired, a cold shower will blow away those feelings.

Your heart rate will increase, your breathing will deepen and you will feel energized afterwards.

Scientists are even trying to find out if cold showers might be suitable to decrease or prevent depression.

Another great benefit of cold showers, especially for people who care about their skin and hair, is that cold showers will make your skin and hair shinier and healthier. While warm water usually leaves the skin dry and opens the pores, cold water does exactly the opposite.

It closes the pores and cuticles, preventing dirt from getting into your skin that causes inflammation.

Although taking a cold shower is “scary” you should definitely think about it. If you have the possibility to jump into a cold pool instead you might go for that. I personally would find that less daunting.

The health benefits are incredible and it is not only free but will also save you money.

Steps to take:

  • Be grateful for the ability to take a warm shower.
  • Depending on your personal preferences, either hop in and start with a cold shower or start with a warm shower and slowly turn the temperature down.
  • Feel good afterwards.


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