Your eyes were designed to look into the distance. Millions of years ago hunter-gatherers watch only in the distance most of the time. There were no computers or cell phones that they could watch.

Today it’s quite the opposite. Think about your typical day and add up your close-up time. It’s probably 90% of your waking time. This is a problem as it strains your eyes and ultimately leads to myopia.

When you are looking into the distance your eyes are relaxed as the muscles around your eyes are relaxed as well.

It’s actually quite hard for us to look at the distance, because we have to look at the real world, but the digital world is often more interesting. It’s also part of the mental problem. If you don’t have anything you’re interested looking at in the distance, you’ll stick to your close up vision.

Unfortunately, you won’t notice the strain you put on your eyes because you’ve probably already been accustomed to that much close-up time. You won’t feel the muscle strains in your eyes anymore unless you start taking breaks.

Additionally, taking a break from your screen and looking into the distance for 30 minutes (or more), can lead to other healthy behaviors as well. For example, could you use the time to include a short walk in your day, which is beneficial as well, as you probably already read.

Besides that, you can use that time to discover more parts of the city instead of more parts of your favorite website. Try to add some distance vision in your everyday. You’ll feel the positive effect of that fast than you can imagine.

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