Every human being needs air. Although some can hold their breath for over 10 minutes, they need to breathe eventually. You’ve already read about how your breaths might be too shallow and how to fix that in a few weeks time.

Now I want to include the quality of your air in that as well. Usually, we are spending most of our time inside. Unfortunately, most of our air inside is either polluted or isn’t refreshed often enough.

All the toxins and pollutants in the air are really bad for you. Not only can the cause respiratory infections, but some of them, i.e. benzene or vinyl chloride can even cause cancer. 

Especially in rooms where lots of people are it might be time for you to step outside and get some fresh air and leave the germ infected inside air behind you for a while.

You probably know the feeling of opening the window and breathing fresh air from outside, instead of the stale air from inside the room. Your attention and focus will increase and you will feel better along the way.

I still remember those situations from school, when we were in the classroom for hours with all windows closed. As soon as somebody opened the window and the fresh air entered the room, everybody’s mood improve and we were ready to tackle a new subject.

Getting fresh air can also give your immune system a boost. 

Additionally, smelling scents from flowers, maybe on your stroll around the park, can decrease your stress and anxiety, or increase your happiness. Smelling the roses is literally a great thing to do if you want to get in a relaxed state.

You know how some people like to take a short walk after eating? Not only does the walking help the digestion, but fresh oxygen does help it as well.

Furthermore, it can improve your blood pressure, your heart rate, as well as your mental abilities. 

Unless you’re living in a very polluted city you should definitely open the windows more often are take several short walks to get some fresh air. You’ll see that you are more productive afterwards.

If your city is not the best place to get fresh air, you should take your weekend or your days off and take a trip into nature to get some fresh air there.

Fresh air is a great thing for your health, but unfortunately, it doesn’t get the attention it actually should get.

Make it a habit to get fresh air on a regular basis. It’s free and can be combined with many other beneficial habits for your health.

Steps to take:

  • At least a few times per day, go outside and get some fresh air.
  • If the air in the room you’re in is bad, open a window.


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