Plants in your room will not only brighten in it up but also can have health benefits as well. You’ve probably read how indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. It turns out plants can help with that.

One of the main parts of air pollution is ozone. Although it’s typically associated with outdoor air pollution it’s a main contributor to indoor pollution as well.

Knowledge-base: Ozone is colorless gas that is formed when oxygen reacts with other chemicals. Sources for ozone might be copy machines, laser printers or ultraviolet lights. The ozone pollution inside is toxic for us humans and can lead to negative effects on your health.

Researchers from NASA and many others as well have found out that indoor plants can act as a filter for the air inside. This is a great insight, as bad indoor air costs up to $12 billion annually, for lost worker productivity, medical costs and absenteeism, according to an Australian study.

Studies from Pennsylvania State University found out that indoor plants actually increase the rate at which ozone is depleted. Among the plants they tested were snake plant, spider plant and golden pothos.

The NASA researchers found out that plants help reduce the CO2 content indoors and increase the oxygen content, that we breathe.

Plants have also the ability to increase the room humidity, which is a great thing in dry months. You know that the ideal humidity should be somewhere between 40-60% and if you want to go for a cheap and environment-friendly solution, buying a plant is surely better than buying a humidifier.

Interestingly plants may even have an effect on your recovery time, i.e. after a surgery. Studies found out that people that were looking at plants during their recovery and took care of them, had lower levels of pain, fatigue and even blood pressure. 

Taking care of the plants significantly reduced the recovery time of patients. So in case a member of your family is sick or had a surgery, think about buying them some plants to boost their recovery time.

Indoor plants may even affect your mental abilities in a positive way. They boost concentration and focus, thus leading to a higher productivity. Getting some plants in your office is an easy way to increase your productivity and that of your co-workers as well.

Plants have more health benefits than we might realize. Although they are not free, the cost of them is minimal compared to the benefits they offer. In case you don’t have any plants at home, start with one or two and add more if you like them.


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