You have to have to have patience with your health. It’s like with business. There is no real overnight success and there is no “overnight health”.

But similar to business once you invested enough in your health, you will reap the benefits for a very long time.

The first time I realized this was a few years ago. I wasn’t feeling well and my diet was really crappy. But, because I maintained a great diet and exercise routine for so long before, the crappy phase didn’t really have any effects on me.

Think about building muscle for a second. Building muscle usually takes quite long. There are some quick fixes, but these usually blow up in your face. Besides that think about it this way.

If you’re exercising in a good way for one year, you will have build some muscles and these muscles will help you to maintain your weight. I personally can now eat whatever I want, but my muscle will simply burn off the calories.

This has nothing to do with unfair genetics. I admit that some people have a harder time in maintaining their weight, but I thought the same thing about bulking up. I was always really skinny, so I just thought this is the way my genes are and I can’t change that.

Gladly you I could and you can too.

Researchers found out that our environment and our behavior has much more influence on the expression of our genes as we thought. That’s right, you basically can switch your genes on and off, depending on how you behave.

The main point of this is that you should really stay patient with your health, but make sure you have a good strategy. Staying patient with a good strategy (quality diet + movement etc) will give you the rewards, but staying patient with a bad strategy will likely end up in frustration.

If you’ve ever built a successful business or anything else you’ll know that the good things take time and it’s the same thing with your health. The only difference is, that you won’t see your progress at first.

Stay patient, don’t buy into any quick fixes.

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