This is more of a final note than a concrete tip, although you could see it as one. By reading through this you learned several things about your health and how you can improve it. For free. As I said in the beginning, most of those tips don’t cost anything and there is still so much you can do with them.

Additionally, I tried to keep all of these tips or the changes they promote small and easy. Making big changes in your day to day, might seem like they are doing a lot, but if you ditch them a few days later they won’t matter at all.

Slow and steady progress is what will make you healthy.

At one point in time, you want to start investing in your health as well because you will reap more benefits. While exercising at home is incredibly powerful at the beginning, joining a gym or hiring a personal coach will increase the benefits, especially if they can teach you, what to do without them.

It’s the same with your sleep or nutrition. Investing in high-quality food is a great thing to do at one point in time. They same goes for investing in a quality mattress, blanket and pillow.

Recent leaps in technology also brought fitness- & sleep tracks to our disposal. At the moment, I’m not 100% sure if I should celebrate them or ignore them, but I also guess there is no one correct answer. I had one, but it broke (not my fault), so I gave it back because the company didn’t want to repair it.

While sometimes it felt like a burden, because my life got ruled by even more numbers, at other times it was really motivating, for example when I checked my steps in the afternoon and realized that I literally had only done 30 steps or say. This motivated me to go outside and walk for at least an hour.

Depending on your personal preferences, a fitness tracker might make you healthier, but don’t expect it to be that way.

Most of us think we will automatically be healthy as soon as we put on a fitness tracker or as soon as we buy new running shoes. Well, that’s usually not the case. It’s just a made up reason to buy this stuff, which gives us a temporary high. You still have to DO!

My personal advice is: use as much of the free tips and include as many of them in your day.

Take running/walking as an example. You don’t need a fitness tracker to walk every day. Just do it and after several weeks of doing it, you might want to know how much you walk or you want to get into a competition with your friends, which will motivate you even more.

If you can’t commit to walking without the tracker, you won’t commit to walking with the tracker and you will waste money.

Start your health journey, do something daily that you can do for free and then start investing in your health. You could invest in courses or books, but doing will be still more important.

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