Here’s the thing: juices are great, as an addition to your diet. From time to time you can throw in some juice-fasting, but don’t depend on juices alone to get all the nutrients your body needs.

Additionally, you shouldn’t drink any juices, besides freshly squeezed ones. Most of the prepackaged ones contain additives and added sugar.

Besides that you should also know that most juices, especially fruit juices, i.e. mango or pineapple, but even vegetable juices, i.e. carrot, contain a lot of sugar. A glass of mango-pineapple juice can contain up to 8 teaspoons of sugar, so don’t overdo it.

I personally recommend vegetable juices, i.e. cucumber, carrot, celery, etc. from time to time or a mixture of all of those.

Unfortunately, there are some mistakes many people make, i.e. not drinking your juice on an empty stomach (CHECK) or using your juice as a meal replacement, but one of the most common mistakes is gulping your juices like a shot of vodka.

In order to get the most out of your fresh juices, you should actually “chew” them, although this sounds a bit weird. Just leave them in your mouth for a few seconds and swirl them around.

The reason for this method is that the saliva in your mouth contains digestive enzymes that are necessary to digest the juice properly. 

The enzymes in your saliva are breaking down the sugar in the juices, which is important for proper digestion.

Whenever you are drinking fresh juices, take a sip and leave it in your mouth for a bit, in order to give your enzymes time to break down the components of the juice.

If you skip this step there is a chance that your digestion is disrupted, causing i.e. stomach aches.

Juices, especially fresh vegetable juices can be a great addition to your diet, as long as you pay attention to a few things. Additionally, you can also throw in a juice fast from time to time.

Steps to take: 

  • Try fresh juices in all variations. Fruit & vegetables!
  • Take your time when drinking juices and “chew” them to ensure proper digestion.


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