When was the last time you’ve been grateful? Either because somebody did something for you, or (even better) without any specific reason.

Gratefulness is a great way to get anger and fear out of your life. Anger and fear can’t exist next to gratefulness.

While being grateful is sometimes really difficult, if you practice it every day you will get better at it and you whole mindset will shift.

Besides that, there are scientifically proven benefits of being grateful.

While your parents probably told you to say “Thank you” as of your good manners, saying it actually increases the connection between two people. When you meet somebody new and you are honestly grateful for them and tell them with a simple “Thank you” or a thank you note, it is more likely that the relationship will be continued.

Gratefulness could also improve your health as one study found out. In a study people who were grateful  for 10 weeks had more positive outlook on life, exercised more often and led a healthier lifestyle than those people who focused on the negative. 

Additionally another study found out that people who wrote down the things they were thankful for 15 minutes slept better and longer.

Not surprisingly being grateful can also make you happier. Martin Seligman, a pioneer in the field of ‘positive psychology’ conducted a study in which people had to write a thank you letter for someone the hadn’t properly thanked before.

Immediately afterwards their happiness score increased tremendously. 

Although there is no 100% assurance that all the positive effects in those studies came through gratefulness, the majority of research supports those findings.

Being grateful has many benefits, physically and mentally, is rather easier to cultivate and doesn’t cost anything.

A simple way of cultivating gratefulness is being thankful mentally. Think about 3 things you a grateful for as your read those words. It can a person or some other thing you normally take for granted (i.e. warm water).

Doing this exercise on a daily basis will transform your life in ways you can’t imagine. Instead of being grateful mentally you can also use a gratefulness journal.

Another way to practice gratitude is writing a thank you note. This will not only increase your well-being but also the well-being of the receiver.

It’s an easy gesture with a huge impact.

Be grateful and make the world a better place.

Steps to take: 

  • If you haven’t done it already, think about 3 things you a grateful for right now.
  • Start a gratefulness journal.
  • Tell somebody “thank you” or leave them a thank you note.


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