When going out to friends or to another party we usually know that there won’t be healthy food available. In order not to be tempted by the little pretzels or other unhealthy snacks you should make sure to eat before going there.

Never go hungry to a party. Most of us are already tempted by the snacks themselves, so they can’t stay away from them or even eat them subconsciously, but if you’re hungry you’ll never stay away from them.

When going out you should think when you could eat before that. If you are at home before the party, eat your normal dinner. In case you’re not, pack some healthy snacks like nuts or fruit and eat them before going there.

In case you had the chance to prepare something before that, even better.

A huge problem usually occurs when you are invited to other people for dinner. If they are good friends with them, they should either know about your food preferences or you should tell them.

If you don’t know them very well, you should ask them what they have planned for dinner. If it’s something you don’t want to eat you should also eat a bit before that.

Some people think it’s rude to decline food from others and I partly agree, but on the other hand that’s just some social habit.

Think about it, if you are allergic to a certain food you would definitely let them know about it, but where is the difference with food you just don’t like to eat because you don’t think it’s good for you. I don’t really see any difference.

If there is absolutely no way around it, don’t let your mindset on eating “good” food, whatever that means, ruin a lovely evening. At a dinner invitation there are usually more foods to choose from, so if there is food you like just eat more of that and just take less from the other foods.

Social connections can work in both ways. Either they assist your healthy life or they don’t. The fact WHO you are eating dinner with is often more important than where you are eating dinner at.

Studies even found out that our choices at a restaurant are influenced by the orders of the other people. If the first person to order orders something unhealthy most people are likely to switch their healthy choices to something unhealthy, because it is acceptable.

In case of eating out, pick something, maybe even before getting there and stick to it.

Steps to take: 

  • If you’re planning on eating healthy, be the first one to order in a restaurant.
  • Tell you friends about your food preferences.
  • Never go hungry to a party.


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