Antibiotics are everywhere. We take them as pills, they are in our food, we’re confronted with them all the time. And yes, they are incredibly powerful against several diseases and many people wouldn’t have survived without them.

Unfortunately, we’re overdoing it recently. Over half of the prescribed antibiotics are unnecessary. We’re giving them to our animals for “prevention” (read growth promotion) and most doctors prescribe them for every little cold, which is nonsense.

Here’s why: Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria not against viruses. However sore throats, sinus congestions, bad coughs and the majority cold as caused by viruses, not antibiotics. 

The other common misconception, according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman in his book “Superimmunity” is that antibiotics are necessary when the mucus is green or yellow. Unfortunately, that’s not the whole truth.

It could be that there are bacteria involved, but studies showed that patients did not benefit from antibiotics even if they had colored mucous. One reason for this is that viruses can also cause yellow or green sputum.

Besides their often ineffective use antibiotics can cause more harm than good to our body as recent studies suggest.

First of all the overuse of antibiotics leads to the creation of superbugs.

Knowledge-base: Superbugs are antibiotics resistant microbes (bacteria). They are already in existence today and many experts fear that they could cause a worldwide epidemic.

Antibiotics are the single leading contributor to their creation. When antibiotics are used, the should wipe out all harmful bacteria, but some of them survive and those become resistant. Since bacteria multiply incredibly fast, the evolution happens fast.

When it comes to antibiotics there are three different “phases” in the history of humans.

  • The pre-antibiotic era, meaning the time before antibiotics.
  • The antibiotic era, which we are probably still in.
  • The post-antibiotic era, where antibiotics and all related medical treatments will mostly become “useless”.

As I already mentioned there are already antibiotic resistant pathogens out there, against which even the “last-resort” antibiotics are ineffective.

Experts go so far as to say, that as soon as these resistant bacteria spread around the world, decades of medical progress could be reversed. 

In 2015, there are 2 million Americans infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria and 23,000 of them died. Those deaths are likely to increase to over 300,000 by the year 2050, if not sooner.

The best thing you can do is to use antibiotics only in emergencies and not for every common cold. Since most of your meat is also contaminated with antibiotics, you could also think about buying organic or antibiotic-free meat.

Besides that, keeping up a healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to boost your immunity is the best thing you can do. Your body already has the tool to fight off most of the disease, but you need to nourish it the right way.

Steps to take: 

  • Ask your doctor if antibiotics are necessary.
  • Eat antibiotics free meat.


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