Questions about your health

Health is subjective and that’s the reason why you’re the best person to find the answers to any questions regarding your health. Of course in order to come up with the best answers, you need to acquire at least a basic amount of knowledge. That shouldn’t be the problem, as there is an incredible amount of (free) knowledge already out there. Unfortunately, this leads to two other problems.

First of all, it is harder to assess the quality of that knowledge. Since everybody can put something on the internet, you don’t know if the facts are checked thoroughly or barely made up.

Secondly, you need to take responsibility for finding your answers. Today most people rely on “experts”, often medical doctors when it comes to health and especially nutrition. The sad thing is that most medical doctors don’t get a proper education on nutrition or anything besides their field of expertise. I’m not meaning to devalue the medical profession, but in order to find the best possible solution you shouldn’t trust only one source.

Use these questions as guidelines to find problems and solutions regarding your health. Maybe they also motivate you to take one step towards health.

1. Do I want to be healthy? 

I hope the answer is “yes” for the majority of people, but the next question is going to be more interesting.

2. Why do I want to be healthy? 

The “why” is usually necessary for everything. Simon Sinek gave a TED talk on this. He also wrote a book about it. Whether it’s why you’re doing something for a living or why you want to be healthy doesn’t matter. Find your why.

3. What is the area you want to improve at first?

Ask yourself which of these four areas (sleep, food, movement or relaxation) does need the most attention. If you only sleep 4 hours per night you should probably start with your sleep.

4. What is one thing you can do right now? 

Think of something that is so small you don’t mind doing it right now. Could be 5 pushups or rest for 5 minutes if you are stressed all the time. Just do it now.

5. What is one thing you can see yourself doing on a consistent basis? 

The thing you did right now was already a good start, but in order to benefit and get healthy, you need to do healthy things on a consistent basis. What is one thing that you can see yourself doing? Stand up every 30 minutes or go for a walk once a day? Your imagination is the limit.

6. What is the best way to include this into your everyday activity? 

If you want to go for a walk, maybe take 10 minutes of your lunch break and walk around the block. If you want to sleep longer, set a reminder on your phone and laptop to shut off your electronics one hour earlier. Every one of us is different and you need to find something that is working for you.

7. What is a two-week experiment you can do in regards to your health? 

I read this in a recent James Altucher article. The idea was basically: test something for two weeks if it works keep it, if not move on. I really like this. Later this month I want to change my morning exercise at home into a morning run. I’ll do it for two weeks and then I’ll see how I feel.

8. What is one thing that influences your health negatively? 

I believe in the principle that it’s often better to get rid of the bad stuff first. That’s what this question is focusing on. No one knows what the perfect diet looks like, but we do know that soda and junk food is bad. By getting rid of these two things we already improve tremendously. Maybe you’re sitting too much or you’re sleeping too little. Just become aware of what activity influences your health in a negative way.

9. Can you think of a way to get rid of this one thing? 

The first step is to recognise the things that influence your health in a negative way. Once you found them, the best thing to do is to take consistent action and eliminate them. If you always eat chips and sweets when you are at home you might think about getting them out of your home and stop buying them. This is only one way on how to improve.

10. Who could be on your health team? 

We’re social beings and it’s always easier doing something together than doing it alone. Get a partner in health. A workout partner, somebody you can talk about what went well and where both of you could improve.

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